From 5-year-old Naïm: 5 things I loved about Four Seasons Paris

From 5-year-old Naïm: 5 things I loved about Four Seasons Paris

By on August 4th, 2012

French blogger Laure Demazy and her son Naïm, five, luxuriated recently at Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris. Laure shared her gorgeous photos with us—and Naïm told us about his five favorite things about the place. (Read more on family travel to Four Seasons Paris on Have Family Will Travel.)

1. The welcome

Claudia came and met me at the reception desk. She is in charge of the children’s program. She let me choose a toy. And I have to say, she has done her homework: all of the latest playground “must-haves” were in her basket. When I got to my room, I discovered at the foot of my bed a T-shirt and a baseball cap in the hotel’s colors. You can see The Eiffel Tower here—I love it!

2. The mascot

George and Violette, a little boy and a little girl, who you will find in the illustrated book full of games which I was given in the restaurant.

3. The children’s menu

It doesn’t matter whether you’re at Le Cinq (the gastronomic restaurant) or La Galerie, kids get extra special treatment. As soon as I arrived, I was offered the menu and my order was taken and served first. For breakfast, I got hot chocolate with whipped cream and crunchy chocolate chips. A good excuse for letting go of my baby bottle!

4. The staff

Claudia, who welcomed me, is in contact with all of the families who are staying at the hotel in order to help them find lots of fun things to do around Paris. She offered me a behind-the-scenes tour of the George V: the linen room, the florist, the kitchens. I was also treated to a private cookery lesson with pastry chef Christophe, who showed me how to make madeleines. A special moment in a kitchen where I bet quite a few grown-ups would love to have the chance to look around!

The swimming pool!

When you go to the basement, it’s like you are in another world. Everyone whispers because you have to walk past the beauty treatment rooms to reach the pool. The décor is wonderful. After swimming, I just loved resting in the relaxation room, eating an apricot and dried fruit while Mummy drank her herbal tea.

A version of this post first appeared in French on Travel Jam.

Read more about Paris in Four Seasons Magazine

And now, the French translation:

Naïm, 5 ans : «5 choses que j’ai adoré au Four Seasons Paris .

Par Laure Demazy

La blogueuse française, Laure Demazy et son fils Naïm étaient récemment au Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris.
Elle partage ses superbes photos avec nous et Naïm nous raconte 5 choses, concernant l’hôtel, qui ont marqué son séjour.


A la réception, Claudia vient m’accueillir. Elle est la responsable du programme jeunesse. Elle me propose de choisir un jouet et je dois admettre qu’elle est très renseignée car tous les « must-have » des cours de récré sont présents dans son panier.

Arrivé en chambre, je découvre, au pied de mon lit, un t-shirt et une casquette aux couleurs de l’hôtel. Et puis mon goûter, sur le point de s’envoler ! La Tour Eiffel est présente, ici aussi, j’adore !

La mascotte

George et Violette, un petit garçon et une petite fille que l’on retrouve dans le carnet de jeux illustré que l’on m’a donné au restaurant.

Menu Enfant

Que ce soit au V, le restaurant gastronomique, ou dans la Galerie ici, les enfants sont rois.
Dès mon arrivée, on me propose la carte et ma commande est prise et servie en priorité.
Au petit déjeuner le chocolat chaud arrive avec de la chantilly et des billes croustillantes au chocolat. D’excellents arguments pour que je laisse tomber mon biberon !

Le Staff

Claudia, qui m’a accueilli, rentre en contact avec toutes les familles qui séjournent à l’hôtel afin de les guider dans le choix de leurs activités.
Elle m’a invité à visiter les coulisses du George V : la lingerie, le fleuriste, les cuisines. J’ai aussi eu droit à un cour particulier de pâtisserie avec le chef Lucien gautier qui m’a appris à réaliser des madeleines. Un moment unique dans une cuisine où plus d’un adulte rêverait de pouvoir jeter un œil !

La piscine !

Arrivé au sous-sol, vous voilà dans un autre monde. Tout le monde chuchote car il faut passer devant les cabines de soins pour accéder au bassin. Le décor est somptueux et après la baignade, j’ai adoré me reposer dans la salle de relaxation et y savourer un abricot et des fruits secs pendant que maman buvait son infusion.

Post Author
Laure Demazy

Laure Demazy (@traveljammag) is the editor-in-chief and creator of Travel Jam, halfway between a magazine of childish fashion and a journey diary—a vision of luxury with kids through visits to the most prestigious hotels in the world. Travel Jam is a fresh, amusing and light-hearted look at at the luxury world. Laure is based in Paris and travels with her young son Naïm.

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2 Response(s) to "From 5-year-old Naïm: 5 things I loved about Four Seasons Paris"
Laure says:
August 5, 2012 at 2:48 pm

Thank you for your words!

Elizabeth Leigh says:
August 4, 2012 at 9:44 am

What a great article, Paris is such a wonderful destination for children and often overlooked as a family destination. We’ve been to Paris many times but have yet to stay at the George V, think I’ll be making a reservation after reading this!

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