Celebrating Mom in Washington, D.C. with Four Seasons: brunch + museum = family hit

Celebrating Mom in Washington, D.C. with Four Seasons: brunch + museum = family hit

By on May 7th, 2013

There is no surer way to my heart than an incredible brunch. There’s something about that post-breakfast, not-quite lunch meal that offers the right mix of luxury and the promise of good times. Perfect for Mother’s Day.

When the boys and I opted for the Sunday brunch at Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC, I knew we were in for a treat.

From the moment we entered the newly renovated Seasons restaurant and clinked our glasses in a mimosa-OJ-Shirley Temple toast, I knew the day wouldn’t disappoint. Sun streams through the floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over trees and lawns; it felt like spring had come indoors.

The variety of options for brunch was outstanding. Outside of the egg station—any way you’d like them—there wasn’t one offering that didn’t hold a tasty surprise. At the seafood table, I found the Shrimp and Avocado Salad, Smoked Seafood Mousse with Crispy Bread and Crab Louie as beautiful to look at as they were tasty to eat.


But I wasn’t done there. While the boys went back and forth between the breakfast pastry table and bacon dishes, I traveled to the East with a delicious serving of Pad Thai. It felt like a mix of Christmas morning and my birthday.

And what would a celebration of any kind be without dessert?!? It is so good here: it has its own room. Vanilla Crème Brûlée, Mango Raspberry Parfaits, Super Rich Chocolate Cake, Jamaican Rum Cake and so on—all on delicate, artfully decorated, for one-settings—summoned me from across the room. And when I answered the call, it was all I could do not to go back for more.


Trivia cards on the dining table meant we could learn a bit about Washington in between nibbles. We could have sat there comfortably all day.

But while the temptation to eat our way right through until dinner was strong, we were determined to see if the nation’s capital, that has a fabulous set of offerings for kids and families, might have something special for Moms, too.

While most family outings that have kids at their center mean mom has to make the best of the situation, Hillwood Estate Museum & Gardens flipped the script.

Hillwood is the former home of Marjorie Merriweather Post, the diplomat, businesswoman and philanthropist whose father, CW Post, founded the Postum Cereal Company. The sole heir to his fortune, Merriweather Post became a collector of an impressive Russian art collection that remains on display at the estate. On her death in 1973, the home and grounds were left as a museum donated to the public.

Priceless art, Russian history and a legendary heiress? They aren’t the makings of a typical family day out, but Hillwood surprised us. We started with a movie explaining the history of the grounds that was short enough to keep the kids engaged and long enough to provide some context of where we were and what we were about to see.

There are easy-to-use personal audio tours available for adults and children. When I heard the kids giggling while listening to theirs, I tuned in, too. The guide provides a scavenger hunt for kids and the four of us had fun finding the artifacts referred to during narrations and stories from Peter the Great, Catherine the Great and other notable historical figures.

We spent the afternoon exploring the grounds and exhibits. By nightfall, when we were finally ready to eat again, our decision to opt for in room service didn’t mean sacrificing quality either. We dined on Michael Mina’s BOURBON STEAK fare (Black Truffle mac ‘n cheese anyone?) in the comfort of our room.


The verdict: The kids had a blast in D.C. And Mom did, too. We will definitely be back.

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Washington DC

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